Why Some Republicans Changed Their Tune On Vaccines 1

Why Some Republicans Changed Their Tune On Vaccines


In the last few days, we have seen conservatives coming out to finally state the obvious: vaccines are saving lives. But why? Chris Hayes gives his theory. 
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    1. @Bryan 👈 Black is white,day is night,wrong is right and trump doesn’t lie….😂😂😂

    2. @warpedjaffas1 I hope that’s true. So far, no one has been arrested or sued because they’re misinformation killed people.

    3. Last Monday, the stock market went down big time. So Tuesday, the greedy GOP and Fox gang started promoting the vaccine as it doesn’t want another crash that hurts their stocks and business ventures. FOLLOW THE MONEY !!

  1. They must have noticed the statistics showing that all the people dying now, are their supporters that vote for them?🤷‍♂️

    1. @richmondvaper are you referring to the term “exploit” as a noun or verb in this context?
      Either way- I would not consider myself to take advantage of anyone for that matter. Regardless of their personal viewpoints. I’m simply stating that I have more conservative views than not, but that doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to advanced science that can keep my alive and well. Just like I don’t see a need in insulting anyone’s intelligence in order to gain confidence in what I believe in. I do not think it’s necessary nor right to belittle another humans feelings and opinions on situations just because they feel differently about scenarios than others. I like the color purple, you may not- but that doesn’t mean I’m going to constantly terrorize you because you don’t agree with my preference on color. That would be ridiculous and serve no point of objective.

    2. When MTG got ASKED about her vaccine they knew that question and folks trying to find out was coming. They don’t want folks to know they got the vaccine long ago.

  2. Their Voters are dying off like flies.. That’s what is scaring them. The Delta variant is not discriminating between white and black or brown. I

    1. @blackmarketyardsale you’re probably right.

      They’ve been hard at work eliminating the annoying need for voters.

      But its all about donor money.

    2. @Stoodmuffin Personal That is the effect of capitalism ( where you only worry about profits) on politics. Capitalism is great if used as a carrot, but sucks when it takes over the whole mindset of a group.

    3. Dont worry the children of the dead Republicans will use their dead parents to vote for Republicans

    1. Reality is always worse than hypothesizing. What month is it right now? When does the fiscal year end for businesses? Exactly. These Republicans didnt receive a cheque that they expected and when they called the companies they said they wont pay them if they’re talking bad about their products. Their tune changed, and the cheques resumed.

    1. The “in crowd”, including family of “45”, were likely too busy engaging in insider trading to have noticed early one.

    2. I wrote my Republican senator after that market dip and told him I know that for him to care about the health and safety of people in my state is too much to expect, but now his fun and games had impacted my retirement savings, and I would remember when he comes up for reelection that it was HIM, not Joe Biden, not people from the community going door to door, and not Dr Anthony Fauci, who was responsible for my investments losing value.

  3. Yeah, Republicans realized that it’s difficult to get reelected if their voters are dead.

    1. No, no! No th-the libs are lying to youuuu, covid’s harmless ignore the mountains of bodies! KEEP IT UP, TRUMP FAITHFULS, YEAH~ /abject lying

    2. Dead from a 99.9% survival rate lol? Man you people truly are brainwashed or just paid to promote the experimental “vaccines”

  4. Ah ooh, we’re running out of voters. Tell all our voters that the vaccine is now safe n they all need to take it immediately.

  5. Hey wow finally the republicant’ s realized that they were talking their voters into dying to “own the libs”. Fantastic strategy to get re-elected.

  6. they were OK with it when it was killing everyone regardless of political persuasion. now the anti-vaxx rhetoric is killing their supporters and they have to change tune

  7. They just don’t want to get sued, now that the class action suits against Fox have started, and it is about time. These greedy people need a good swift kick in the teeth, er wallet.

  8. The Republicans are changing their tune because so many of their base are getting sick and dying that it’s cutting into their margins in close races for 2022.

    1. Pretty sure it was their party that ended slavery and the democrats waged war over it but okay. Not to mention democrats and Jim crow laws but again… believe what you want.

  9. The covid map is starting to line up with the projected republican voter map.. and they’re scared 😨

  10. Wait it took them this long to realize that not getting vaccinated was a STUPID idea? Brilliant!

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