Why the US rejected plan to deliver Polish jets to Ukraine

CNN's Barbara Starr explains why the Pentagon rejected a plan proposed by Poland to send a Polish fleet of MiG-29 jets to Ukraine via a US base in Germany.
The Pentagon dismissed Poland's proposal floated hours earlier to transfer its MiG-29 fighter jets to the United States for delivery to Ukraine.
Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said in a statement that the Pentagon did not believe Poland's proposal was "tenable," just hours after Polish officials released a statement saying the government was ready to deploy all of its MiG-29 fighter jets to US Air Force's Rammstein Air Base in Germany so they could then be provided to Ukraine in its fight against Russia.
"It is simply not clear to us that there is a substantive rationale for it," Kirby said. "We will continue to consult with Poland and our other NATO allies about this issue and the difficult logistical challenges it presents, but we do not believe Poland's proposal is a tenable one."
Kirby said that the decision about transferring Polish-owned planes to Ukraine was "ultimately one for the Polish government," adding that the proposal shows the complexities that the issue presents as Russia has made threatening statements over arms being provided to Ukrainians for use against Russian forces.
The idea as laid out by Poland was too risky, Kirby said, as the US and NATO seek to avoid an outright conflict between the alliance and Russia.
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  1. Maybe if these things were done confidentially as they should instead of being shouted out by the media everywhere, Ukraine would have already gotten the planes.

    1. URAAAAAAAAAA 🇷🇺 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺. No Propaganda US & NATO ❗❗❗ WHO Palestine ❔

    2. Maybe the Government is using the media to counter signal to the world, and they actually are getting more arms secretly.

    3. I’m really surprised at how many likes this got because it’s clear you have no idea about how the U.S. military operates and how it uses the media to its advantage.

    4. Joe is being average and sleepy joe,this is crazy!! People are dying!!! UKRAINE NEEDS THOSE FIGHTER JETS LIKE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY.

    5. ​@Mirren Moomin Exactly. The U.S. is using the media to double down on the fact that they’re not getting involved via military action as a way to de-escalate any potential retaliation from Putin. People are honestly dumb as rocks if they think secret info is being leaked.

  2. What is wrong with USA admiral and expert, if they didn’t understand logic of Poland statement? Americans, UE and UK were pushed Poland to give Mig29 to Ukraine as Poland independent decision. Poland is willing to do that, but not in that way. Poland would feel more secure if all NATO members, including UK and USA, will participate in moving Mig29 to Ukraine. Shame to Americans for hiding behind Polands shoulders. Poland does not have a nuclear arsenal like Americans.

    1. babies children being murdered ,, woman , in the uk we got priti patel stop even English men bringing their wives and children into the uk from great ukraine , we got neil farage what as been said ,,putin paid him to break up the eu ,, with patel is it dirty russian money talking , maybe the USA only good for making war moveis ,

  3. This gentleman is absolutely correct. Why are things being talked about to the public through the news? None of this should be exposed at all

    1. @Ted the ” heartthrob ” Rodriguez Why not drill more on the 9000 leases that US oil companies already have? What are they saving that for?

    2. @ascoop22 well that is the truth, you just don’t like the truth. This conflict has been going on since 2014 when ukraine conducted an “anti-terrorist special operation” in donbas.
      All neo nazi regime concern is never about the human but only who’s territory gain or lose, just like Hitler’s NAZI objective.
      You can do your research about what the western did before and after the Euromaidan coup. I’m not a Putin supporter, but his facts are checked out and tend to be true.
      Neo nazi says they are winning but why now the biggest nuclear power plant in the world are in the hand of russia? And Zelensky is sweating like cornered nuns, screaming at western countries for not helping him, why does he do this if he is winning?

    3. If a deal were happening, stealth might be the case, but saying no to a plan that might lead to war of NATO (which includes US) and Russia can be stated openly so there is no false hope.

    4. URAAAAAAAAAA 🇷🇺 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺. No Propaganda US & NATO ❗❗❗ WHO Palestine ❔

  4. Supporting Ukraine with infantry weapons, small drones, portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons and ammunition is much easier to realize logistically and, above all, politically than, for example, this pipe dream with the Polish mig-something.
    Furthermore, these small arms, which are much more important for the Ukrainian resistance, can be brought to (Western) Ukraine not only from Poland, but also via Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Putin’s inconceivable mistake of invading the whole of Ukraine has created a situation for an almost ideal guerrilla war against the Russian occupation, which is unwinnable even for a “great power”. The Russian secret service FSB would have immediately nipped in the bud the considerations for an occupation of (Western) Ukraine if only because of this option of the West/NATO, if it had known about it.
    If! Had!, because the FSB was very likely not informed in advance, like so many other entities. That’s why the catastrophic start/progress of the “quick operation”, because the intervention had to develop out of a “cold start” of the various troops and many units on 24.02 simply didn’t know what to do or what was going on here at all?! It seems that the secret operation simply failed because of its own secrecy.
    see Tagesspiegel (this is a german link. i think you know a similar link to this report inyour own language) https://www.tagesspiegel.de/politik/leak-eines-russischen-geheimagenten-niemand-in-russland-war-auf-so-einen-krieg-vorbereitet/28139622.html

    The mental state of Putin’s inner circle is probably best described as a “geopolitical psychosis”, ranging from the origins of Kievan Rus to the Tsarist Empire to the Great Patriotic War and the Soviet Union, and now ending in a kind of Pandespotic brotherhood with Lukashenko, Assad, Kim-Jong -un and Xi Jinping.
    Such a terribly exclusive circle of friends, however, does not hold together forever.
    How long the Putin system can still hold on to power, we can influence among other things with a boycott of its raw materials and especially the transformation of our energy industry.
    Because, the 24.02.2022 may not stand as beginning of the 3rd world war later once in the school and history books, because there will be then anyway no more children, who could read these, but it should stand for the beginning of the most comprehensive measures for overcoming the dependence on these fossil energies.
    It is not only the dirt that this fossil stuff makes that threatens the world, but also the very guys who build their power on it.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  5. Polish called US out. It was OK for Polish to be exposed by providing planes from Polish NATO bases, but not from American base? So maybe it wasn’t safe at all

    1. So let me get this straight. The US wanted Poland to donate warplanes to Ukraine but only if the planes go directly from Poland to Ukraine. Sounds like Poland doesn’t want to be viewed as the “donater” — for good reason I would say. Being on the border of Belarus means that if this war expands, Poland will be the next to be attacked by Russia. This just highlights US hypocrisy. It wanted Poland stick its neck out but when Poland very astutely proposed that they will donate but only if the planes fly to Ukraine from a US air base in Germany, the US balked. This is the leader of the free world, America the Beautiful. Poland please stick your neck out because I want to keep mine. LOL

    2. ​@Wayne Oberg Offering its own airforce is a very big sacrifice from Polish perspective, because it compromises Polish security on many levels and push Poland to the Russian spotlight – while Poland is bordering Russia. Such sacrifice is something US and other richer western countries, that are in safer geological position would not consider, to help Ukraine. Poland never asked for a free upgrade – Polish PM wanted an equal deal, help Ukraine and to pay the difference for the replacement jets if necessary. It is USA’s world domination Ukrainian people are defending – in reality the Ukrainian war is a proxy war between USA’s and Russia’s sfered of influence and the Ukrainian’s people are at the moment defending and dying for USA’s sfere of influence – this is what the war is really about. But still The US is shedding the burden of the fight on weaker allies and lies about Polish good will which they themselves were not capable of.

    3. @ThE DuCk There are many more MiG29 in other NATO countries which could be used. This could be a big distraction.

    4. @Theresa Adams
      “We are not part of this conflict ” — NATO

      U.S. closes door on sending fighter jets to Ukraine
      The Pentagon noted that any action by the U.S. or NATO allies to provide jets could be seen by Russia as an act of aggression and lead to an escalation of its attack.

      You just don’t get it do you ?
      Meh go ahead knock yourself out ..

    5. @The Void europe would be steamrolled by Russia i hate America as much as you do but if there cowards explain the dead USA soldiers buried in the Netherlands

  6. If USA is afraid of sending those planes from its airbase, how Poland can’t be? Probability of Russian retaliation against Poland is much higher than against USA.

    1. @peadora Jfc. I need to stop reading these comments because so many of you have no idea wtf you’re talking about wow.

  7. “Untenable” means “We didn’t think you would offer that and we don’t want war with Russia”!

  8. Remember when we didn’t openly talk about war plans so everyone, including the enemy can listen in? Old WWII slogans like loose lips sink ships come to mind.

    1. Yes, the big mouths in Washington DC are all flapping their gums left and right, when they look down they have no balls.

    2. Saying no to a risky operation is not war plans…it is letting everyone know that risking a Russian war with NATO is not acceptable.

  9. so they don’t want to fly planes from germany base cause it’s problematic, but they have no problem flying them from poland? both germany and poland are nato members so what’s the difference? let me explain, if russia attacks poland we going to be left alone forget art5 nobody is going to do anything why? let me explain again, in 1989 when soviet union fall apart ukraine was promised nato/us protection in return they gave up nuclear weapons that was located in ukraine, how it worked for them we are witnessing last 2 weeks

  10. So flying from Poland a NATO country is ok. Flying from Germany (NATO country) and USA air base (NATO) is wrong. Flying from Germany is a strong move – from Poland – not. Like WTF? Can someone explain me that logic? What we Poles think is that US and GB are trying to push us as probe. While they don’t want to be involved… The US started to be loud about it..

    1. It’s the democrats

      I’m sorry we aren’t doing more

      This is horrible and Biden is a horrible president

  11. US: “nato members have green light to give migs”
    UK: “it is Poland’s own decision, we will support it whatever it is”
    Poland: “here you go here is our Migs for you “western powers” to implement their use
    US: “oh we ain’t gonna do that, we don’t wanna upset the ruskis”
    UK: “oh this is nothing to do with us, Poland is a sovereign country”

  12. U.S. said that Poles can give those planes, but taking those MIGs by the Ukrainians from the U.S. base it’s a treat to NATO, but taking them from Polish base it’s not, but Poland is in NATO as well. Where’s the logic ?

    1. @_P but they can send what ever other equipment to defend themselves but not planes what’s the difference all the weapons are coming from nato


    3. Bidens people is meeting with Nicolas Maduro from VENEZUELA to discuss buying oil 😂😂 everyone in Miami florida talking about it

  13. I am Polish and here’s my point of view.
    1. If we are to pass these MIGs we need to have immediate replacement from US. These planes are one third of our air force and we can’t just get rid of them without replacement.
    2. Poland borders Russia and we are much more exposed to nuclear airstrike than Germany or USA. We would rather avoid giving them reason to do it. I see no possibility that Russia confronts USA or Germany for this.

    1. @Juan Escutia because Ukrainian pilots don’t know how to fly modern planes, but they have been trained in flying Migs

    2. @Juan Escutia becouse Ukraine pilots do not know how to use them. But for Poland to give away one thind for aircrafts is shitty plan. We are right next to the russia.

    3. @Jake Small Action to do what? Start a WW? Bet you’ve never been in a war front. Am going to call you an a-hole, cos you are in essence calling for weapons of mass destruction. You do realize both Countries carry ICBMs(nuke in tow)?

  14. I’m Polish and I have a question for foreigners, mostly to Americans. Do you think that our concerns about the transfer of MiGs directly from Poland are justified or not? Can we really be sure that Russia will not respone with attack us then and NATO will help us immediately? In our position, knowing our history and geo-location, do you think that we have nothing to fear? If the US has concerns and is afraid to take such a risk, why should we risk nukes falling on our cities?

    1. @Melissa Nicole Please read your news. This is 2022, all the resources are at your disposal….listen to his speech yesterday he made the request. Do your research. Good night.

    2. @Wing Foil Waves Hawaii No need to be so nasty. I’m not here to argue. I hope you have a great day 🙂

    3. @Wing Foil Waves Hawaii yes, exactly my point, maybe I did not express myself correctly buy I’m agree with you. And is risky for any one on nato or otan to do that. But I’m with you on that idea.

  15. I think that Blinken suggested publicly first sending MIGs to Ukraine by Poland,. Then Poland replied that it’s possible only through NATO headquarter in Remstein in order to avoid being perceived as a side of this conflict. If NATO/USA doesn’t want to be perceived as a side of conflict too, why they encourage their member/partner to do so…

  16. What poland said was the right thing. Germany the biggest eu country and usa the biggest nato country would be involved. Such risky things should be done together. Otherwise only poland, as a nation that has a border to the war, would take consequences and the rest would say it was their fault.

    1. @Robert N then why the US wanted Poland to give the jets directly 3 days ago? Poland is in NATO. Poland gives jets = NATO gives jets. So in theory no difference who gives them: US or Poland. Unless the US intended to bail on Poland all along

    2. @Michał yes, thanks god that our stupid goverment didnt decide to give these mig ourself. We would be fucked ( i am from Poland too)

    3. @Matetus You got that right. All one has to do is read history of the agreements Poland had with France and England before WW II started to know the Polish government of today can’t trust western governments then and now.

    4. @Robert N He only has one move “mutual destruction”, this is not a war like WW2 both side have nuclear, the war will be over quick with everyone being the looser. Get it? So no to war!

  17. The planes coming from the US instead of Poland makes more sense since the US could announce it as being done in association with the 1994 Budapest Memorandum signed by the US (but not Poland) AND ‘not as a NATO operation’ -since (according to Wikipedia) “It (the Budapest Memorandum) refers to assurances, but it does not impose a legal obligation of military assistance on its parties”; however, “It gives signatories justification if they take action, but it does not force anyone to act in Ukraine.” The US could indicate the Budapest Memorandum as the justification for the US actions in this case and get it done!!

  18. It’s not so simple to transfer a number of fighter planes because you need to think about their weapons too. Many Polish Mig 29s have also been modernized to western NATO standards weapons and avionics, they might need some training in order to make them effective. And you can’t hide them or pass them through the borders like some anti tank weapons. It’s complicated.

    1. My heart is with the dead children in Donetsk, who were killed by the Ukrainian state Nazis…!

    2. @Владимир Михайленко wasn’t Russia the one who caused this war and purposely bombed a Children’s hospital? Idk what your state media told you but you should take a trip to Finland.

    3. This is pure hate. Young children and young mothers are dying because of this guy. Its like a cartoon.

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