Why this GOP senator could be the low-key favorite for 2024 1

Why this GOP senator could be the low-key favorite for 2024


Republican Sen. Tim Scott has balanced between the Trump and establishment wings of the GOP better than just about anyone else. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains why Scott could end up being the Republican frontrunner in 2024.


Republican Sen. Tim Scott to deliver GOP response for Biden address to Congress

Sen. Scott says Trump's moral authority was compromised by his Tues. comments on Charlottesville

Sen. Tim Scott: Trump Has 'Obviously Reflected' On His Charlottesville Comments

Transcript: Tim Scott's RNC remarks

Sen. Tim Scott says Trump is the ‘one person I don’t blame’ for Capitol attack

Sen. Tim Scott on George Floyd verdict: ‘No question in my mind the jury reached the right verdict’

GOP senator floats compromise on policing legislation as bipartisan talks pick up pace

Tim Scott for president? Iowa and New Hampshire visits get people talking

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  1. Wait…didn’t you upload this earlier? My response is still the same…hahahahahahahaha … I have a better chance of Oprah calling me back for a date.

    1. @Mark Kromeke They think the Russian trolls are sleeping and that no American recognizes CNN’s racist propaganda.

  2. He can dress up like them and wear their colors, but he’ll never really be one of them in their eyes.

    1. @Mimi Keel Yeah raise & born in Cali with most of my family being Democrat supporters, and suddenly my views being more conservative a Brown American raise in a diverse community is “racist” because of different views according to your philosophy. The small minded indoctrinated thought process, how naive but whatever you do you good luck.

    2. @Nando poor guy. Its called assimilation. If it works for you. But remember, its tokenism.
      I feel for you…and all the others who are being used

    3. @Nando , to your fellow conservatives, you’re inferior, a vote and a joke. I’m not sure how you were brainwashed into turning against your own people and your own best interests, but snap out of it. But if you’re really going to do this, at least get paid for it, like Candace Owens.

    4. @Nando You have no idea the definition of racism. Now if your retort was he was exhibiting prejudice then that would be a better argument.Racism is based upon a system like any other ism. You didn’t complete your GED have you? (Harlem is listening )

  3. He can dress up like them and wear their colors, but he’ll never really be one of them in their eyes.

    1. Damn that sounds pretty racist for you to say, but I mean what should I expect coming from a “race baiting lefty”.

    2. And it’s yet another liberal who can’t stand to see black men and women thinking for themselves.

    1. Let a minority have different views & suddenly he is a “yes man” the party of hypocrites & racist the left.

    2. @Nando Your the only one attempting to defend an indefensible position. Where are your comrades from Fox Propaganda, Breitbart and NewsMax comment sections? You require reinforcements.

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