Why Trump Just Fired The One Prosecutor He Fears More Than Mueller | MSNBC

In an unusual clash stretching over the weekend, President Trump fired the top federal prosecutor in New York, U.S. Attorney Geoff Berman, who has criminal jurisdiction over Pres. Trump, his business, family and associates in New York. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on Trump’s longstanding fixation on the office, including an unusual meeting during the Presidential transition; the key office’s key cases, including some that put heat on the Trump administration; and clues to other motivations for the termination. In a Beat segment in January 2019, Melber reported U.S. Attorney Geoff Berman could be the one federal prosecutor Trump feared “more than Bob Mueller,” the Russia special counsel, and the controversial firing suggests how much the administration was concerned about Berman’s work. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 6/22/2020.
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Why Trump Just Fired The One Prosecutor He Fears More Than Mueller | MSNBC


    1. System that make me laught or 🤮🤮…he does as he will.who wrote the constitution that allows this.The founding fathers?

    2. @Antony felix What crime did Hunter commit?

      It is typical for Eastern European companies to hire celebrities or their children or prominent politicians or their children to their boards. These board members do nothing but lend their names. As a board member, Hunter Biden did not even visit Ukraine for three years.

      “It usually is a good investment for any Ukrainian businessman to hire some reputable guy or the relative of a reputable guy. It definitely paid off for Mr. Zlochevsky,” says Paraschiy. It’s common in Eastern Europe, and much of the world, to hire a celebrity or relative of a senior official to burnish a company’s image, and to help shield it from official or unofficial shakedowns.

      You or we might find it sleazy but it is common practice in Ukraine.

    3. @Antony felix WHAT CORRUPTION? You can try to tie Hunter to corruption but without actually stating that the corruption is then your words are waste of space.

  1. Buckle up. As Trump spirals the drain on the way out, he’s going to get more and more stupid.

    1. @Dearly Diane How is Obama and Hillary NOT having to fire investigators, prosecutors and inspector generals who are not loyal to them not a good thing? And how is it a good thing that Trump fires these officials without proof of their corruption? Would your answer still be that you just don’t care?

    2. @Dearly Diane Too funny! As soon as someone asks for a simple answer, people like you are stunned and deflect. Your condescension is not credible.

    3. @Dearly Diane you`ve been SCHOOLED on this comment page! go back to your troll farm and concentrate on FOX; they`re much more stupid and gullible.

    4. @Dearly Diane “My sources are way above your IQ level” I cannot imagine anybody with an ounce of intelligence typing this. Probably that saddest and worst excuse I’ve seen yet.

  2. Now we know THE REAL REASON he doesn’t want to be a resident of New York anymore and moved to Florida. GOP+NRA+KKK=KGB.

    1. Oh stop it … The Soviet (Workers) Union was systematically destroyed by fascist rightwing ….KGB was Secret Service of USSR, and 7 degrees seperate from today!…. CIA IS THEE actual actor in trumpist nonsense …

    2. PuC Punisha the sdny will still get his stinky lying fat butt in prison once he loses the November 2020 election. No matter what the fk this Dotard fake president does, the boy toddler will end up in prison! Let’s take photos of the Trumpanzee behind barr along with Jabba the hut Barr

  3. In a way it’s hilarious that a criminal can fire his prosecutor. That’s only possible in the US.

    1. Nothing funny about crime! Especially, when the criminals are ALLOWED to get away with it!!!! Where are the people that believe in Justice?????? Have they all been PAID OFF???!!!

  4. This may be the most blatant abuse of power and corruption in this terribly corrupt administration.

    1. i really think you have an IQ of 85 either that or you are just another evil one who hates the USA and all its people

    2. @Susan Crowe oh that’s your problem you think. Parrots don’t think. Who taught you that one trump or epstein. Trump supporters are the most godless people. You don’t want people to have any rights. Why dont you just leave our country and follow trump to russia. They will think of you. Then you can leave us free thinkers alone in peace.

    3. @Kenny dark2light
      This orange traitor did ONE good deed, to gather every single ignorant racist treasonous Confederate garbage in one group, his Deplorable Confederate base.

      Don’t try to burn your red MAGGOT hats or bury it as your Deplorable kind is easily recognized in a big crowd of humans. SOON!!!

    4. @Real M hears a heads up…so you will know your enemy Q the plan to save the world by Joe m on YouTube..I just watch MSM to know mine

  5. All of these sound exactly how a dictator will act, getting rid of every person that interfere their way to stay in power

    1. Looks like it to me. No longer WH he is trying to make it the house of trump the chump from russia.

  6. Trump’s afraid of everyone right now ppl! He’s going nuts! Fired everything in front of him! 😂😂😂

    1. Trump is cornered, he knows he has already lost the election, and he is trying every trick in the book, every desperate way to avoid the jail sentence that he knows he’s gonna get. Problem is, he is so stupid and so wrapped up in his own disconnected alternative reality that every attempt backfires and makes his position worse. I predict that soon, some of his closest GOP supporters will drop him. How long do you think that Barr is going to play along ? He has just been subpoenaed by Congress. He must know his career is sinking along with Trump.

    1. @Master Foo your ethos is.. I deum esse negant ex eo quod est..Veritas Rem Deus…Latin for I deny the Existence of that which Exists…Truth Reality God…L’chaim from Jacova born March 11 in Bethlehem…you are not prescient nor perspicasious…I am.

    2. I agree. Barr is trying to set up a net of protection for when Trump is no longer protected by his office.

    1. And they turn over ALL their research to the NY AG, who can’t in any way be reached by Trump Inc.

    1. Not the United States, not the US Constitution- those individuals who accept dirty money against freedom.

    2. The most corrupt was Obamas adminisration. Don’t you remember Clinton, Holder,Clapper,Comey,McCabeBiden etc.

    1. Looks like karma’s slow with the rich and powerful. But when she comes…. it’s going to be a firestorm for someone.
      Ask Epstein, Weinstein, Madoff, etc.

  7. How is this clown able to do this and no one says a mumbling word??? I don’t get it. Are you all willing to let this fool sink us into the dark ages???

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