Will Biden keep his promises to Black America? | CITIZEN by CNN 1

Will Biden keep his promises to Black America? | CITIZEN by CNN


Abby Philip, W. Kamau Bell and Grant Hill join CNN's Don Lemon for a discussion about the racial divide in America and whether President Joe Biden can deliver on his promises to the Black community which played an important role in his election.


  1. Biden backpedaling on student loans, stimulus checks, minimum wage and closing detention facilities are all red flags imo.

  2. Let be Honest, I am a black man under president Obama ,the first black president didn’t do much for black people.

    1. @Altrusian WolfDog the “globalist agenda” begins with Bush coming out of Military Intelligence and Co-creating the “Central Intelligence Agency”, then via the Reagan Administration. It’s in the best interest of all USA National Strategic Economic and Political Special Interest, because it places us at the Center of all Potential for inevitable Expansion of the “Global Market”, which the “Supply and Demands” of are all Predicated upon all “Growth Potential[s]” across “The Globe”, so..

      It’s not as simple as it appears to be, and China is about 10 years away from beating America to the Middle, and having a far more Favorable “Free Market Society” under a pure and true “Democratic Republic”, that will Exceed our “Body Economic” and “Body Politic” in every way.
      Even the “Black” and “White” Human Beings have Color Full Fleshly Characters of every hue .. how about you?

    2. Obama was not the first black president because he was half black half white. They need to stop saying this to black people, it does not help lying, deceiving and ignoring his white mother who raised him.

    3. @Naughty Dog Obama says he is black because he looks black, all biracial people do, the same with Halle Berry.

    1. The Gay News Network has reduced itself to rounding up former basketball players for their opinions. Will the madness never end????

    1. @Hayley King He said here was good people on both sides open your ears. Your only listening to what you want to hear. And if you remember correctly during the debate he said stand down stand ready sure want calling them down then. They even endoresed Trump https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/donald-trump-and-the-ku-klux-klan-a-history https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/kkk-trump-david-duke-tucker-carlson-election-2020-a9609491.html

    2. @Moms MADD and in nearly fifty years in office, Biden has done nothing to help minority groups, and with that note, I must go, as I’m working, delivering a baby

    3. @NewAlias same goes for Trump?
      Like…he never said something like this, yet everybody called him a racist. Oh…and the context never have mattered during Trump’s administration. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    1. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

  3. How can they ever be “the party of Lincoln” when right after his assassination they undid everything he’d done?

    1. It’s all psychological warfare! Those of us who are awake, don’t fall for the games and diversion! Sadly, these commentaries trigger those who believe them! It’s disgusting!

  4. He hasn’t kept one campaign promise yet.
    And he doesn’t need BLM and the black vote anymore. So they aren’t getting anything anymore.

  5. Just like Obama, Joes done absolutely nothing for us blacks, instead the only people he’s focused on helping are the LGBTQ+ people while the rest of us still struggle with some obstacles in this country.

    What a sellout, never voting for him or anyone other dem related to him or Obama ever again

  6. he just said the “N” word in the his last remarks… so bizarre watching him slur words without actually knowing what he is saying

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