Will The Republican Party Break Free From Election Lies And Conspiracy Theories? 1

Will The Republican Party Break Free From Election Lies And Conspiracy Theories?


Fmr. Republican Congressman David Jolly and the New Yorker’s Masha Gessen join Ali Velshi to discuss the state of American politics when one of the major parties keeps grasping to conspiracy theories and grievance politics. Jolly says he’s concerned about the ability to mend the wounds of American politics, and Gessen says after years of Donald Trump’s efforts to build a “totalitarian-type movement,” it may be too late.
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    1. @Ben Bigelow nope, there would just be more folds and a few more chapters in the conspiracy manufacturers handbook !!

    2. @mohamed said 2 Republicans on the Jan 6th committee represent the republicans you are talking about , the rest are for trump.

    1. @Trump Fan some illegals have criminal records yes copy and paste of lies – something more?

    2. The only question is how much of America will they take down with them. America dont see that these folks arent just rediculous, politically illiterate & laughable but they are Real psychopaths & they ignore this at thier peril…

    3. @Adam Smith propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda. Did i leave one out ?

    4. @Florida Man Rush Limbaugh predicted the end of the GOP after the 2nd Obama victory. He was correct. The party was weakened and Trump pulled a successful coup.

    1. @Florida Man Yes, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, PBS, The New York Times, The Guardian, the Australian Broadcasting Network (ABC), and many others are news. Fox, OAN, Newsmax, are not. A fool will take from the news what he/she WANTS to hear to support their world view. A reasonable person will review data and base their beliefs and facts on the preponderance of the evidence. The only agenda the legitimate news has is in making sure people know the truth. Fox news was started to “give conservatives a voice”. Since then many others have popped up to serve up a daily dose of hate and misinformation to support the GOP, not the truth. The fact that Trump committed multiple crimes and is still committing crimes is news. It’s not an agenda to report the truth.

    2. @manx77 how was their dictatorship during Trump presidency…you must like the Fascism now with the CONTROL of the population under the Biden Regime

    1. @JERRY RICHARDSON but people like him are why Trump won the first time. Don’t underestimate stupid people in large numbers.

    1. @Just Some Man With A Plan let me guess. CONSPIRACY ? Good ppl wake up on the wrong side of history more than most realize. So, without proof of a claim. Your just crying like a TITTEE- Baby !!! Grow up !! Embrace America for what it is. Instead of shunning America for what Ted Cruz “says” America isnt !! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT !! Savy ?

  1. Doubtful after all only a handful of republicans can pay for the expensive surgery with a Neuro-proctolgist to remove thier head from thier kester

    1. Probably safer to sever at the neck and leave the head in place. Less risk of cognitive processing damage that way.

    2. @Moira McCleary Nice one. You have just reminded of a joke I was told about 40 years ago.

      A teacher is asking her pupils what they did at the weekend. Johny says he stuck bangers up dogs arseholes and set them off. The teacher is so horrified that all she can think to do is correct his rudeness. Johny, we don’t say areseholes, we say rectum. Are you kidding miss, wrecked ’em, it fuc*in near killed ’em. Cheers

  2. Will the Republican party break free From Election Lies and conspiracy theories? NO they will not. Trump is the leader of the GOP.

    1. Thank goodness that guy won’t live forever. On the other hand, Scientology survived the death of L. Ron Hubbard just fine

    2. While you are indeed correct here, we should consider the two republicans who DID break from those conspiracy theories, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who are part of the Jan 6th commission, their willingness to stand against Trump gives me a bit of hope that others will break as well, even if it takes a long time; I think it’s safe to say that Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Geatz, Kevin McCarthy and a a few others, are the ones who have no hope of turning….

    1. @Daniel Arcadia and you find humor in people dying what a terrible human being. That Kool aid must taste good fool

    1. The soap opera writers were far more literate than those who write for Republicans, who can’t read. They are simply following the Kardashians, and the Housewives of New Jersey.

  3. Mr. Velshi my late father said to me when I was a child: “Boy, ‘Hope’ is a fool’s word!” I do not have any hope for America to recover from the Trump and GOP inspired January 6th insurrection.

    1. We can only hope the DOJ starts to indict and arrest these traitors in our midst. The GOP has to go and it can’t happen soon enough.

  4. Republicans are eating their own over a lie of their own making. You can’t make this stuff up. If it wasn’t so dangerous you’d be laughing.

    1. Flipping the polarity doesn’t make it true.
      Deal with your crime spree Orange leader first and his lie campaign, and Jan 6, then we can “worry about the Democrats”
      Stop deflecting.

    2. @Just Some Man With A Plan It is sickening to again see the false equivalency that the two parties are guilty. I can’t recall a Democratic Party POTUS who attempted to abuse the power of the office to engage in an attempt to stay in office after being thrashed at the polls in November. I can’t recall it because it has only happened once last January Sixth and it was the failed & disgraced Trump who orchestrated the biggest shame for the US in my lifetime.

    3. LoL, coming from the party who cried Russia Russia Russia for the last 4 years it’s amazing how naive you Liberals are

    4. @Upper 90 Heh, projecting just like every other Retrumplican.
      Keep trying.
      Big Crooked Orange Lost. Stop the fairy tales.

  5. All it would take to correct this mess is to have a coalition of a dozen Republican Senators and 30-40 House Republicans coming together to demand the truth be told. Yet, as we all know, such an idea is a pipe dream. They are without question a cult.

    1. @Gregory M You know so little about what happened on january 6th and are fantasizing so completely that you don’t even know how to spell the name of your “martyr”. No, I am not going to help you and spell that insurrectionist’s name out for you. Keep making the mistake and showing how little you know.

    2. @Gnirol Namlerf It is odd that so many took Trump’s words as beyond questioning.
      None of Trump’s rabid followers can explain the fact that there has been no one but Trump MAGA supporters arrested by the FBI for laying siege to the US Capitol building. No ANTIFA or BLM members have been arrested for Trump’s siege because none of them were there.

    3. One of the biggest changes Trump hath wrought upon the hapless GOP is instilling fear of their own unwashed base that now sets the tone for Trump’s death cult.

    4. @Gregory M What’s really a shame here is that Republican lawmakers know without question you’re being deceived by Trump, by right-wing media, and by conspiracy theorists, yet they say nothing. They keep their mouths shut, allowing it all to play out on its own.

      If what you believe is true, why aren’t they actively supporting your narrative? Why aren’t they outraged at the killing of an “innocent” woman illegally infiltrating the US Capital Building while they hid inside? Why aren’t they investigating the so called agitators who disrupted Trump’s peaceful protests? Why aren’t these lawmakers launching probes into this communist infiltration you speak of? I’ll tell you why….because they know it’s all a farce!! They’re content to let their constituents and supporters wallow in a sea of misinformation and conspiracy as long as it helps them keep their job, which seems to be working.

      All I can ask is that you please take a harder look at what you believe. Tap into the logical side of your brain to really question what you’re being told. You presume the rest of us are being manipulated by media and “the communists”, but what do the facts tell you? Whey aren’t the overwhelming majority of Republican Lawmakers supporting your narrative? Why are the so quiet? What do they really think about Donald Trump as a person? Reach deeper sir, you’re being played like a pawn by the very people you believe are on your side, and they’re destroying our country.

    1. Yup, it’s so much easier for them to peddle hate and outrage and ignorance. Good people connect by having similar interests and likes. Bad people connect because they hate the same things.

    1. I don’t think their base will have enough voters, the virus is killing them off, they know this, so they make new laws, so they can legally steal an election.

    2. Yup, they’ve screwed up so bad it’s like when a domestic dispute turns into a murder suicide. Good thing COVID is eating through their ranks. I know that sounds awful, but after what they have done to our country. I can’t say seeing the anti-vax Trumple Foreskin appreciation society going away as a bad thing for the world…

  6. Look at that diverse crowd the republikkkan party showing it’s all white colors once again in skin and white hoods.

  7. The my pillow guy was preaching, he doesn’t need evidence, he doesn’t need proof or a plan, just a story that it.

    1. @Arnold Davis This isn’t from crack. His brain is cooked because the Abrahamic Space Laser had to be tested on somebody.

  8. Crazy fact: The GOP/right idolize their creator Abraham Lincoln while simultaneously being the president who led the USA to obliterate the confederacy they so adore I love it!

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