Will You Need A Covid Vaccine Booster Anytime Soon? 1

Will You Need A Covid Vaccine Booster Anytime Soon?


MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Vin Gupta explains what we know and what we don't know about the possibility of people needing booster shots of the Covid-19 vaccines.
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  1. You don’t need the initial shot. The vaccines will never end and the masks will never end with this administration.

    1. ​@Janice Martin The truth is in the news or have you not being paying attention. The Biden administration has been ignoring some of what the CDC is saying and putting their own twist on it. Have you not been watching the news at all?? And this is on all the news not just fox and the liberal media is the most corrupt and deceiving of all the networks and has been caught numerous times lying or did you miss those also?? LMAO!

    2. @Robert Daone and what are the examples of the Biden administration ignoring and twisting guidelines? You cant just say something happened but not say what exactly happened. Thats how you actually shut people up you provide the facts,the proof. I wanna see it,tia.

    3. @Robert Daone so you continue to create an alternative universe? lol I agree with @cortezyonne and would like to see some proof that the Biden administration, who swore to follow the science, is making up their own science. But I doubt you will provide any proof because you have mixed the Biden administration up with the crazy, convoluted, lying trump administration. So send us the proof.

    4. @Janice Martin no we saw CDC spreading misinformation. We just don’t care it’s government we’ve come to expect that from them especially under this administration

    1. @Lechinajames White liberal I come here to laugh at (primarily) stupid republicans, so ig we got something in common

    2. @Jeffry Donald I’m not a republican. U must be one of the ones I’m talking about.

    3. Yes!! The comment section restores my faith in humanity. Staff strong and believe in your own Devine power. Big pharma is big evil.

    1. @Christopher Estrada the devil is real… and so is Jesus Christ, you’re obviously just spiritually blind. Please wake up!

    1. @Pretentious Progressive As it happens , it’s EXACTLY like a virus … Not too bright this morning Sparky ?

  2. It’s just we all thought would happen, we need to fix health care in this country. I got the shot and knew they would say that.

    1. Why? because booster shots or pills are pretty common or do you have a more paranoid reason?

  3. “The first one is always free, the second one you got to pay”— every drug dealer ever

    1. @Jupiter Oak Evolution creeper… I’m gunna assume by your account you have no children. Matter fact your account is only 5 months old… I’m gunna assume you are a bot with about 20 other accounts.

  4. 0:27 booster shots in September. Read through the lines. There will be a jump in Covid cases leading up to September.

  5. In the days of god I don’t remember none of them getting or looking for vitality booster lol

    1. So why do those people keep going back to church every Sunday ? One visit should have lifetime immunity by your logic .

    1. Assuming by your statement your having some adverse affects? For what it’s worth, I hope you get through it and hopefully not have to regret it forever.
      I know someone who got the vaccine and now they have belles paulsy. Like within 24 hours of the shot. It was insane

    2. @David Pitts Look on ‘bit’ and then ‘chute.’ There are tons of horror stories of people with paralysis, people having to learn how to walk again, seizures in children, and some just dropping like flies 72 hours or less after taking it. There are also videos explaining the risks using the CDC’s own data. I wont be taking one.

    3. @Josephus S they won’t research they only believe what they are told and lies feel so so good



  7. LIE: Your helicopter was shot down
    LIE: You were there when the Berlin Wall came down
    LIE: You flew into the Middle East with the SEAL team that killed bin Laden

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