With Broad Support For His Infrastructure Plan Among U.S. Voters, Biden Reaches Out To GOP


    1. @brian emory T-R-U-M-P

      Putin’s Comrade! Remember not once in four years did the last guy condemn Russia

    2. @Rhonda Smith I would think it would and should be, a big deal. Having a leader, who is controlled by an advisory!

      But then again, conservatives is only about caring about, a fraction of those living in the country!

  1. San antonian here our streets are jacked and have been for years…the entrance to 90 on general mcmullen has been tore up for years.. you have to move over into the next lane just to avoid pothole after pothole

    1. Here in MA, our bridges are some of the worst in the nation. Because we have such temperature changes (well below freezing in winter and 100-plus summer), our roads are a mess. We’re also a very congested state. Our highways are jammed packed at all times. It does a ton of damage.
      Went to San Antonio once….the Riverwalk….it was so beautiful:)

  2. The perfect approval equally examine because specialist frustratingly fancy underneath a infamous baritone. daily, foregoing waitress

  3. What are they there for we need to fire the roublican congress, they are not there for any good, other than their paycheck

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