WNBA’S Renee Montgomery Reacts To Voter Restrictions By GOP 1

WNBA’S Renee Montgomery Reacts To Voter Restrictions By GOP


Part-owner of the Atlanta Dream Renee Montgomery says Republican effort to limit voting are a reaction to efforts like she was a part of in 2020 to expand access to voting.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how they re-write snow white to explain her brown skin in the new re make. Lol
    “skin as white as snow…”

    1. Racist comment, but you are racist along the woke media narrative, so thats ok, no delete comment for you

    1. What does china have to do with her speaking on Republicans not talking about their voter suppression??

  2. I’ve been thinking the same thing about the voting obstacles Republicans are trying to put up – I think it’s going to make even more people come out to vote and it’s going to be hard to stop them from voting. They can put the ballot box in a port-a-john and it wouldn’t stop me from holding my nose and dropping off my ballot.

  3. If she thinks the money is “starting to follow “….she needs to keep an Eye on the Blindside. She started politics deeper than most Americans ever have since WW2…..these are make or break’em years ahead of us. All or None. This democracy is Fragile…..it’s cracked…..i hope she takes that positivity and makes steps towards Serious actions to save democracy

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