Women, Children Seek Refuge in Kabul as Taliban Sets Sight On Capital 1

Women, Children Seek Refuge in Kabul as Taliban Sets Sight On Capital


Afghans are seeking refuge in Kabul as Taliban forces continue to advance on the country's capital after the U.S. withdrew troops from the region. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Women, Children Seek Refuge in Kabul as Taliban Sets Sight On Capital


  1. Stupid how we spent billions training afghan troops for them to get overran by dudes in sandals. What a waste of 20 years.

    1. This was long overdue
      Plus the Taliban wouldn’t be the same like circa.1996 since the Taliban have to deal with Millennials and Zoomer

    2. @Sub Zero it might collapse one day, but it definitely wont be because of afganistan… they pimped that place for what they wanted like Iraq and moved on to what ever plans they have for the future….. so our children can continue sacrificing there lives over b.s.

  2. Not to mention, all of the nice toys that we gave to the Afghans, are being stolen by the Taliban. Great job! A+

    1. @Emer Di Giorgio He just said: Israel. Their psychopathic cabal run things pretty much everywhere. That’s the whole “NWO”. Their the puppeteers. The politicians are just their puppets. Look up how many in congress have dual citizenship in Israel.

  3. I assume that Biden’s administration and the media have done this just so we can “justify” sending them back for another 20 years.

    1. @Geisha the difference is Trump is a business tycoon with many friends in high places….
      Biden is a career, corrupt politician with many enemies in high places.

    2. @Gail Hollinger — Obama’s withdrawal led to ISIS and ISIL. This withdrawal is already creating a hotbed of terrorism. Good luck, maybe you can drop bombs on them every 20 minutes like obama was doing in syria.

    3. @Bill Billson he literally stabbed those people in the back to assist Russia in taking their land and then he snatches their oil and turned around and called them very bad people they fought with us for years and kept those animals detained until Trump turned on us

    4. @Bill Billson so if we’re doing tit for tat the headlines wouldn’t be what they are today concerning the Taliban if Trump had not withdrew Troops from Syria allowing Russia and Turkey to take over their land displacing 350,000 people this causing 850 ISIS members to escape detention centers…Syria had them on lock Syria fought hard beside us after 911. and he stabbed them in the back for Russia …. Taliban would not be able to do what their doing now if not for Donald Trump

    1. @michael Baker well china was once the opium kings so maybe they just want to reclaim the title. I’m sure they also want a steady source of oil in case of war

  4. The Afghani defense forces we spent billions training are useless. We did the heavy lifting while they watched from the sidelines. It should have been the other way around.

    1. @Catherine Kalden-Blum Racist? Answer this question. Who did the funeral eulogy for a former Grand Cyclops of the KKK? Was it Joe Biden or Trump? Answer the question.

    2. @Catherine Kalden-Blum Obama deported more. Biden isn’t. He reversed Trump’s Stay in Mexico policy that was working.

    3. @Catherine Kalden-Blum If anything good comes from abandoning Afghanistan it’ll be that we stop spending billions defending rich countries like Germany, Israel, Japan and Korea. None of those countries even need our help. Afghanistan did.

    4. @Catherine Kalden-Blum in harris’ words, Biden is a segregationist who fought racial integration so the children won’t grow in a “racial jungle” besides being close to his friend and mentor kkk Robert Byrd and never forget his ’94 crime bill.
      President Trump accomplished what even biden’s boss, bi racial Hussein Barack failed to do. He permanently funded historically black colleges and called for school choice, created opportunity zones to revitalize distressed inner cities, accomplished the largest increase of income in decades for the low and middle class.

  5. Firstly, my heart goes out to the innocent people caught up in this mess. I don’t have a full understanding of why we pulled troops out other than we spent 20 years and a trillion dollars trying to train Afghan forces to fend for their country. We can’t there stay forever *and* I hate to see people harmed. If in 20 years a solution wasn’t found, then when? This seems like a complex conundrum without a workable solution for all. I hate war, mankind really hasn’t evolved all that much after all.

    1. @Hingle McCringleberry im not for carpet bombing but arent they committing mass murder and mutilations themselves?
      Someone should help them, but i guess its easier to judge and watch from far away in safety

  6. It is sad such ignorance and evil exist in this world. They have the tools, Afghans must have the will to put the Taliban down like a dog.

  7. Lack of cojones from the Afghani Army,letting all this happen, or this was already setup to happen, and they are just following orders.

    1. actually this is the plan: we left knowing full well we had to go back in, they will say the taliban has killed a bunch of americans then we will go back in full force, clear everyone out and take over the entire county all over again, we just needed an excuse to spend billions more

    1. @Abgddcdef actually many places do leave things behind. They dont want to store or upkeep. It also benefits the military industrial manufacturers to do such things as next conflict need to build and buy more. All they would do is give some to the police here and sent rest to graveyard at best.

    2. @Chris Ortiz THEY BLOW THE CRAP UP get it destroy it and biden had them leave sensitive information behind . FAKE MEDIA LOVES TO LIE FOR THE CLOWN

  8. The greatest support given to the Afghan troops was courage and fortitude. Something they personally lack and have never gained.

    1. Apparently, you don’t know the Taliban are Afghan too. The Americans seem to be lacking something as well, this strategy smacks of Vietnam.

    2. @Michael Leliaert no they are not. the majority of the taliban nowadays come from out of Afghanistan which is why the locals hate them and they do not care about murdering the locals. So you can cry all you want about america but at the end of the days the Afghans have no backbone to fight for themselves and the u.s. is done babysitting them. Goodbye✌🏽

    3. Kind of hard to win a fight without close air support, logistical support, and intelligence from the U.S.
      We gave the Iraqi’s that much when they pushed ISIS out of the country. Now we’ve abandoned Afghanistan completely

    4. @OldCountryman That’s an exaggeration of what the Taliban really are. They are well trained, well armed, and well organized to fight. Compared to the security forces, they are in defensive positions that are running out of ammunition and food while the Taliban are continuously funded and receiving new foreign fighters every day

  9. 2020: Afghan girls were in school. Multiple Arab states signed peace agreements with Israel.
    2021: Taliban retakes Afghanistan.

  10. The speed that they gave up their country leads me to believe they didn’t really want it anyway. It’s like the reverse Alamo.

  11. No action from United Nation, European Union and where’s human rights in that kind of situation. Tortured to Afghans citizens, to women’s and children’s. Life and death situation.

  12. “You need F-15s and machine guns to fight the government.” -Joe Biden.
    The Taliban is laughing at you Joe.

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