Worthy veteran left speechless by unexpected gift | Militarykind 1

Worthy veteran left speechless by unexpected gift | Militarykind


All this Navy vet needed was a new scooter, but his TikTok followers gave him so much more.
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When U.S Navy veteran Kenny Jary's scooter became unsafe for him to use, his TikTok followers went over and beyond to replace it.

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    1. @Tom Crist Honored Sir, and so Happy for you!! We need to see greatness like this!!! I am bedridden somewhat due to spinal stenosis. It warmed my heart to see you and the country giving back to you. What a wonderful country we live in. God Bless!!!

  1. This is awesome. Something as simple as a nice scooter made him so happy, it’s the little things. THANK YOU for your service

  2. God bless him and all those wonderful people. We need to see and hear more stories like this. Everything in this country is so negative lately , actually the world and there are so many wonderful ,amazing , kind people in this world filled with love for their fellow man.

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