Worthy veteran left speechless by unexpected gift | Militarykind

All this Navy vet needed was a new scooter, but his TikTok followers gave him so much more.🥺
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When U.S Navy veteran Kenny Jary's scooter became unsafe for him to use, his TikTok followers went over and beyond to replace it.

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    1. @Tom Crist Honored Sir, and so Happy for you!! We need to see greatness like this!!! I am bedridden somewhat due to spinal stenosis. It warmed my heart to see you and the country giving back to you. What a wonderful country we live in. God Bless!!! 💕

  1. This is awesome. Something as simple as a nice scooter made him so happy, it’s the little things. THANK YOU for your service 🤙🏼👑🇺🇸

  2. God bless him and all those wonderful people. We need to see and hear more stories like this. Everything in this country is so negative lately , actually the world and there are so many wonderful ,amazing , kind people in this world filled with love for their fellow man.

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