Wuhan's first virus outbreak could be bigger than we knew WHO says 1

Wuhan’s first virus outbreak could be bigger than we knew WHO says


Investigators from the World Health Organization studying the origins of coronavirus in China have discovered signs the first outbreak in Wuhan in December 2019 may have been much wider than previously thought. CNN's Nick Paton Walks talks to lead investigator Peter Ben Embarek.

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    1. Leader in general terms about technology maybe but in practice clearly not, 500,000 people dead. Not a perfect health response I would suggest.

    2. Tr**p gutted the CDC budget, sold off its emergency pandemic response stockpiles then claimed the cupboards was bare when he got there Meanwhile, his kid was selling PPE stuff to teh highest bidders around the world. The saddest thing is covid didn’t kill him when it had the chance. 500k lives in under 12 months and #45 could have stopped the spread at under 50.

  1. Amazing how some of the audience are “in the know” … or is it the constant desire to jump to conclusions and get simple solutions.


    2. @John Patrick truth is: they and their cult leader first flat out denied (as the diehards still do today) there was something like a virus at all. Then he praised the Chinese leader for doing such a great job, then he contradicted the virologists and assured everyone it wasn’t going to come to the USA, then he recommended (among other “interesting alternative treatments”) to inject antiseptics and in between he flipped and started attacking the Chinese, the WHO etc. …. just the usual and his core competencies: lie, deny, attack and through people under the bus.

    3. @Edgar Poe The only people I hear pointing the fingers at China is the USA. That was my point. America was founded on the rat plague. The virus in 1917, the same year Zionists rose to power, Agent Orange in Vietnam and now this? People need to realize who precisely made this virus. The US.

    4. @Kokopelli 7 Muzick Chinas labs were trying to find a cure for Sars and the Zeka viruses…which have killed more here in America than the Corona…hell even the common flue kills more people globally, but thier were no quarantines or lockdowns…just saying

    5. @John Patrick CNN did report that it was possible it was spread wider. The reason they are talking about it again now is because the WHO team is in China investigating now.

  2. A single comma is all we need in the title or take the last two words and stick them at the very front of the sentence. Oy ve.

    1. @Andrew Richardson You think the Chinese were brainwashed. But why you never think about your guys were brainwashed by the west media? Since you think you can use FB, Twitter, and YT as the symbol of freedom of speaking? lol How about Trump wanna ban Wechat and tikot? how about GameStop????

    2. @Anthony B I don’t think the Chinese are brainwashed? I just think the people are oppressed by the government and aren’t treated fairly in China.

      It’s just that the numbers don’t seem to add up when it comes to their COVID rates, but who wouldn’t want to hide their numbers? Communism is a scary thing.

    3. @Andrew Richardson LMAO did you know why your media always tell you communism is scary? since they want to get more tickets for the election. My parent’s generation cannot have money for buying food. At my age, I can buy luxury and go abroad to study. So please tell me, how CCP oppress us????????
      Did you know why not number go up? Since we do not have the local COVID patients. Did you know why we do not have COVID? I am staying at the EU to study. If I go back to China, I need to isolate myself at the hotel for two weeks. Then I will go back to my hometown, and I need to separate one or two weeks.
      Did you know how much PCR and IgM and IgG testing we need to do before I enter China? one time PCR and One time IgM certification before I get my boarding card in the airport. Only the PCR and IgM negative results of travelers can go back to China.
      During the hotel’s isolation time, I need to do three times PCR testing before I leave the hotel. Only the three times negative results of travelers can leave the hotel.
      So please tell me, if China cannot control COVID spread, which countries can handle it.this pandemic????

    4. @frencok3000 della pastalsugo I’m sorry for you’re poor,poverty makes you care so much about 50 cents.Chinese people all over the world have the right to speak for their own country.I used to like America too,but when I really got to know America,I find that America treats ordinary people like idiots.Now I prefer China,the US government is too bad.

    1. Late from what? The recent visit to China by WHO representatives? That was a few weeks ago, and I don’t think you could have done an analysis of the results much earlier. If you disagree, could you explain?

    2. @Ado Atero Since the beginning of the pandemics all the countries started providing their data to online data portals, and when looking at data from China, clearly it was incomplete (fact) and also the patters didn’t make sense at most. Anyway, it was evident from the very beginning that there was foul play, but I guess in this moment of time it fits the narrative, so yeah this shouldn’t be a surprise for anybody.

    3. @Joe Casella Was your comment meant as an answer to my quesiton? I don’t see it answering my question. The question was: “Late from what?”, and the question addressed this comment: “LMAO. You’re almost a year late CNN”. Again: this news report is about an investigative trip to Wuhan, which happened about three weeks ago. How can you be a year late from something that happened three weeks ago?

    4. @Ado Atero If you read the title, this news report refers to the first Wuhan outbreak which happened a year ago, implying that it could have been bigger, it was evident since that time and could have been reported with confidence, this is surprise to no one.

  3. Every time I turn on the news, it’s slowly beginning to look like the plot of “V for Vendetta”. I feel like the truth will slowly be exposed on everything about this virus and the pandemic.

  4. “May the same wonder-working Deity, who long since delivering the Hebrews from their Egyptian Oppressors planted them in the promised land—whose Providential Agency has lately been conspicuous in establishing these United States as an independent Nation—still continue to water them with the dews of Heaven and to make the inhabitants of every denomination participate in the temporal and spiritual blessings of that people whose God is Jehovah.”

    — George Washington Letter to the Hebrew congregation of Savannah, Georgia

  5. Chinese are doing their best to cover this up who knows where this thing really originated from doesn’t it feel like it’s going to be over anytime soon though

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