Yamiche Alcindor: Voter Fraud Is A ‘Conspiracy Theory Coursing Through Republican Party’ | Deadline

Yamiche Alcindor: Voter Fraud Is A ‘Conspiracy Theory Coursing Through Republican Party’ | Deadline 1


    1. Why would anyone think its racist to ask for a ID to vote? Why would showing a ID be voter suppression? Why wouldn’t 17 days be long enough to vote? Why would Democrats try stealing votes & elections? Pelosi just tried straight out! & anyone that believes this past election was the most secure is way woke videos are evidence in everything but election related isnt that odd?

    2. @william dooley But the judge is not going to bypass the 1.6 billion dollar suit against Fox “news” for touting this lie.

  1. We got a population that barely votes as is because it’s so annoying and sometimes time intensive to do so. I would think a good politican would want to protect that right instead of fighting it!

    1. @Jeremy Tines
      The only way lines are that long is because of your nonsensical covid restrictions like social distancing that, get this, makes lines longer and generally makes everything inefficient and unprodictive

      Stop destroying society over the flu and then stuff like this wont happen

    2. @Jeremy Tines unfortunately that isn’t exactly true. The new law expands voting times, including some manana Tory Saturdays and removes loopholes to allow political organizations to electioneer within the voting centers and online. Tammany Hall and Chicago regime have fought to electioneer next to voting centers forever to get advantage over opponents.

    1. You mean FaceBook Joe right??Twitter Boy Hunter maybe?? Funny how they hid the truth from you Sheeple…But your ok with that becuase your a Sheep

    1. Shenanigans? You mean acting with integrity? Cuz he was one of the only republicans to have the balls to stand up for the truth. 3 recounts and no change in results!

  2. “Don’t pick sides.” Well Corporations better ask for a refund of all your political donations!!

    1. Fox is the corporation that has presumed itself to be the “opposition” party in America. Those who imagine themselves to other than peons under the control of Fox are delusional.
      As Lachlan Murdoch takes refuge in Sydney, Australia, his proxy Viet Dinh, who appears to in effect controlling the narrative and the news discourse?

    2. @P C False. Dominion employees have faced death threats due to disinformation spread by people like you. Provide a source of information, as if you have one. I’m fairly certain Dominion employees would NOT release that info given the emboldened psycho domestic terrorists we have in our country. You might be able to guess if you found out their political party registration, but it would still be just a guess who they actually voted for.

    1. Yup…trump says boycott…and gets caught with a coke bottle in his office…lol
      Typical trump…do as I say not as I do

    1. Literally yes. It should be illegal for corporations to own the media — AT&T owns CNN for example. They also shouldn’t be allowed to take political positions, or lobby, or donate to political figures — fullstop.

  3. Stay out of politics? What is he talking about. They are the ones giving you your campaign money/donations. Something is wrong with his brain cells.

    1. Yeah the “power to the people” dems constantly siding with multinational corporations that use slave labor and partner with genocidal regimes sure is a two faced thing to do

    2. @Æthernius
      Ignorance is when you dont realize both wings are controlled by the same predatory bird.

    3. @Æthernius lol your last pres WAS literally a multinational corp that hired slave labor in china.. ivanka’s clothing line made in China lol, not too mention multiple other business deals there

  4. Holy crap, Mitch, attacking your corporate overlords? Talk about biting the hand that feeds. What a power tripper! That won’t end well for him when he needs to go back to the trough!

  5. We see how law makers treated us at the worst time in a lot of our lives… I haven’t worked 40hrs a wekk since March 16th 2019..Denied unemployment because I was working 10 hrs a week at home,I am considered a part-time employee according to my company,can’t get another job because I am 62 and not in the best of health,my credit card companies have taken away my cards…2 mths behind in a 400 dollar a month car note,the cards are maxed out,but I was making my payment,insurance 130 dollars a month..can’t even get the vaccine not my turn yet….My pay last week 141 dollars…I HAVE VOTED EVERY ELECTION SINCE I WAS 18 YRS OLD…I DON’T KNOW WHAT GOING TO HAPPEN,WHAT I DO KNOW FOR SURE IS THAT I WILL VOTE.

    1. @D’yavol Vystrel it was, it did restore a little hope in humanity.
      I just wish the Dems had picked someone actually progressive like bernie but maybe younger, instead of yet another corporatist like biden. He only got my vote for being less of a train wreck and corporate shill than trump.

    2. @D’yavol Vystrel The only reason you say you won’t vote again is because Trump lost. Snowflake at it’s finest.

    1. @Llynnyia He was referring to the “obstruction” charges..to an investigation which showed trump didn’t collude with Russia..that was the point. Nobody stole the election, nobody’s vote was changed by Russia. They also showed if you read the report, Russia spent 400k on ads most of which ran after the election. Hillary spend over 1 billion. You think 400k wins an election ? Lol.

  6. I rarely make predictions, but this one is a slam-dunk. The GOP has nailed most of the nails into their coffin, and there’s no turning back from suicide. There are already corporation executives who are thinking hard about abandoning the party and not looking back.

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