1. My heart is shattered. This pain, this grief, this anger…. I’m lost for words. I will continue to pray for Ukraine and all Ukrainians. I will continue to donate to Ukraine as much as I can. Please be strong! We stand with you Ukrainians 🇺🇦 The world stands with you 🇺🇦

    1. @Jim Johnston BTW….. There was no Russian hoax, comrade…. Manafort gave confidential campaign State polling data to Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian spy, in order to help the Kremlin target their misinformation campaign against Hillary….. this is the definition of collusion.

      The treasury department put sanctions on Konstantin Kilimnik for it and the Republican senate intelligence committee confirmed it starting on page 56 in their report…..

    2. @David Aponte putin said that NATO is a threat.. (and he is going for a country which has border with 4.) Tell putin to show the biological weapons and laboratories..were they in Babi Yar memorial, in apartments, houses, with the civilians fleeing, in the hospital he bombarded?
      Putin is NOT Russia .. Putin is NOT Russian Federation. He is an unelected dictator that keeps a country under his boot through fear and propaganda.
      A foreign country with dictatorship has NO BUSINESS in another country, which is FREE ..where is done the will of PEOPLE , where is FREEDOM OF CHOICE. AGAIN , FOR THE LAST TIME..Putin is not Russia and HE felt threatened…UE , NATO and democracy in Ukraine would influence and make Russians to want a better life and freedom . Because you see, NOBODY is forcing any country to join anything. No matter if is alliance, union. NOBODY . and NOBODY forces them to stay either. Russians do NOT care for NATO expansion as their lives are not affected in any way. PUTIN WAVED THE NUKES ..long time ago. So gou expect for others to sit and watch? To shale in fear too, pr to surrender, to give theor freedom for dictatorship?? If the East was doing well, nobody would have looked to anything West related. If Putin did not wanted nules, probably Ukraine would have not ask for NATO.
      Russia as superpower never existed, Soviet Union did ..that is why Putin needs Belarus and Ukraine. Russia will be respected after Putin gets out of it.
      ‘ He would not have lasted so long’..BUD , I LIVED IN DICTATORSHIP , I have friends in Odessa, worked with Russians and Ukrainians who have family left behind. . Try to get informed before you embarrass yourself even more. Putin is not elected, people have no freedom of choice. A mandate is for 4y, the max is of 2!!!! He changed the laws for himself. There is NO OPPOSITION. He jailed or killed them, also journalists. Duma is just for facade.. putin is a one man orchestra , a former KGB who extended his power of influence in the first mandates and reached to a circle , larger ad larger, of corupted people and oligarchs .
      A HUGE role in manipulating the masses is from propaganda. The LAST independent tv station from Russia closed 2 daus back. The internet was CUT ..because he does not want for the people to find out the truth and to decide for themselves on which side they are. No Russian will speak up in front of a camera. Do you think the 15y punisments, for talking war, just fell from the sky? Or the 8y jail time for adults protesting and 3y for CHILDREN!!!
      That is why on the videos about the protests I say THAT is brave, thoseeople are brave, not to the ones who go and kill ONLY because Putin told them so. And many soldiers did not knew where they are going and were told that they go to drills and to liberate Ukraine from nazis and they will be received with open arms. Yep, really..amd they swallow it, till they passed the border, BECAISE THAT OS THE ONLY THINGS THEY SAW and HEARD in theor countru .
      And bud, many Ukrainians live and work in Russia and also many Russians have/had family, jobs and lives in Ukraine.
      https://youtu.be/oXW_fIo8nlQ sad
      But the Russians need to reach their boiling point and to say NO MORE.
      You can limit internet now, but cannot erase the videos from youtube, the comments , articles from newspapers.. Propaganda does not work to a world scale.

    3. @David Aponte you strike me as a boot licker..who took too mich time from me.. and as Putler, troes too jard to impose his opinion as trith , wherobably did not put a foot in Russia , or Ukraine

  2. I cried so hard with that last man who spoke 🥺. We must stop cruel dictators from whatever country they belong. Prayers for all the Ukranians and innocent Russians who oppose this ❤️🌏

    1. @Hablando Boxeo I think you may now try to wipe out whatever evidences I pass to you. But the world will see it, just like the WMD tale in Iraq.

    2. @Нико Инко I don’t know if you’re stupid because you believe this or because you think I will.
      Either way, sad.

    3. @Lt. Colonel Tanner Joe Biden has nothing to do with this! If we still had Trump he would be denying any help to Ukraine and be helping Putin

  3. Нет войнe!
    Желаю силы украинскому народу. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
    И желаю мужества российским протестующим.🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    No war!
    Strength to the Ukrainian people.
    And courage to the Russian protestors.

    1. @Karanikolas Spartan democracy is NOTHING like communist russia or communist china. Russia and china are still communist countries

    2. @Манька Облигация I don’t watch propaganda crap. I can make a clip that myself

    3. @The Political House That Jack Built After reading your message, I realized that you are really a thinking person. It’s very nice. I will try to answer your questions clearly. You are asking about “evidence of deliberate misinformation by the Western media.” I answer: “How can it be that for 8 years the Ukrainian Nazis have been shelling peaceful citizens of Ukraine and no Western media have talked about it??? Heavy artillery !!! For civilians !!! Every day !!! 8 years old !!! In the center of Europe !!! And no one showed it. This was all recorded by the OSCE. Go to the OSCE website – there are all the reports, every day and every week. IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO NOTICE IT !!!! We in Russia and Ukraine have been looking at this every day for 8 years. Or do you want to say that it all seemed to us or is it a feature film – series being shot for 8 years???. But it’s impossible to deny the obvious. Since we are one people, we have a lot of friends and relatives living in Ukraine. We all see it every day. I will clarify the figures. Only about 14,000 people died. Of these, 5,500 military and 3,500 civilians from the “rebels” and 4,000 military from the Ukrainian side. There are no dead civilians on the Ukrainian side, as the “rebels” HAVE NEVER FIRED AT CIVILIANS – THIS IS AN ORDER. RUSSIANS HAVE THIS TABOO. THIS CAN NEVER HAPPEN. These figures are confirmed by the Ukrainian side. Civilians were shelled ONLY by the UKRAINIAN NAZIS. CHECK IT OUT. They deliberately fired at civilians. And the Western media were silent about it. But when provocation was needed, they immediately provided a staged video with a hole in the kindergarten wall, where even the glass did not break and the balls did not roll away. You probably remember him. Isn’t this proof of deliberate misinformation????….. and I can give a lot of such examples….. I will attach to the message a video clip where French journalist Anlor Bonel is trying to tell the truth about Donbass on the news, and the presenters close her mouth. They don’t let me say. ISN ‘T THIS PROOF OF DELIBERATE MISINFORMATION ??? This video has subtitles, and I will also attach the original. Find a Frenchman, he will translate for you if you don’t believe the Russian media. And there is a lot of such misinformation and it can lead to bad consequences………… I have not found the original source about Ivan Shimanovich and I cannot comment on it. ……… The information from Sergey Lavrov about “mass graves” is 100% correct. I will tell you more that there are more than 10,000 criminal cases in Russia about the crimes of the Ukrainian Nazis in the Donbas. There is a huge amount of evidence, photos and videos, a lot. Soon all this will be presented to the world community for a Public Tribunal over the Ukrainian Nazis, by analogy with the Nyurenberg Tribunal of 1945. We have to wait and everyone will prove it there. Nazism must be condemned. ………… As for the protests in 21 cities, I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing surprising in this. 12,000 people divided into 21 cities equals an average of 570 people from one city. Well , what ‘s surprising here ???? I don’t understand. They weren’t put in jail for a long time. They were given a warning, detained for as long as stipulated by law and released. Maybe one of the organizers was detained longer. Maybe. I’m not interested. Please tell me, don’t they detain protesters in other countries of the world? Aren’t they detained in Germany, the USA, France, etc.??? They are being detained. I know. And they even beat and even kill. There is no such thing in Russia. I don’t remember protesters being killed in Russia. Won ‘t you remind me ??? In the USA, a policeman shot a protester at point-blank range. For some reason, this did not cause a wave of indignation in the world. Unauthorized rallies are being dispersed IN ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. They are accelerated by water cannons. ISN’T THAT RIGHT??? ….. So, my friend, don’t teach us democracy, teach the Americans better. In the USA, democracy is not very good compared to Russia. Russia has long been more democratic than the United States. ………. You gave me a list of media outlets. I can tell you FOR SURE that they are constantly telling monstrous fictions about Russia with one voice. Believe me, I live here and see the truth with my own eyes. If they tell the truth about Russia, they will be blocked. The video I sent you confirms this. They are terrified of the truth about Russia. No matter how crazy it looks, but it really is.))))) This is crazy!!! This is called information warfare. Send me at least one video of the Russian media where they lie. And the proof of the lie came from the Russian media. It’s very interesting to see. I’ll tell you more, we have adopted a “LAW AGAINST FAKES” in Russia. For the deliberate production and distribution of fakes, you can go to prison for a term of 3 to 15 years. If it is proved by the Court. So, my friend, everything is fine with the reliability of information and information hygiene in Russia now. Much better than in the Western media. I have no reason not to trust the Russian media. They have never deceived me yet. But the Western media lie all the time and you know it well. This IS AN EMPIRE OF LIES. They really make fools of you. In the West, even officials lie. Everyone remembers the test tube with Colin Powell’s powder, on the basis of which the United States bombed Iraq and killed more than a million Iraqi civilians. And no one has even apologized to Iraq for this grief. is this normal???? Answer me. ……… Let’s take the Minsk Agreements. They have been confirmed by the UN. Everyone says that Russia had to fulfill the Minsk Agreements. I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU: Where does the Minsk Agreements say “Russia must”??? WHAT IS THE NUMBER OF THE MINSK AGREEMENTS THAT RUSSIA MUST FULFILL ??? Which point of the Minsk Agreements did Putin “not fulfill”??? Specifically the item number. Reply to me in a reply message. They are in the public domain. I RECOMMEND reading them – there are only 13 or 14 points, I don’t remember exactly – 2 pages. And these items must be carried out STRICTLY IN THE SEQUENCE AS THEY ARE WRITTEN. But I do know for sure that you will not find such an item there. Because there is no such item there. Russia has exactly the same obligations under the Minsk Agreements as Germany and France – these are the GUARANTOR countries. The parties to the conflict are the DPR+ LPR on the one hand and Ukraine on the other. QUESTION: Why don’t you accuse Germany and France of non-compliance with the Minsk Agreements.??? You understand what an EMPIRE OF LIES: for 7 years the whole “civilized” world has been accusing the “evil” Putin of what he should not do. And all this time people were dying in the Donbas. And no one noticed it. Putin should not have fulfilled the Minsk Agreements, HE is a GUARANTOR, like Germany and France. It was Ukraine and Zelensky who had to fulfill the Minsk Agreements. THE UKRAINIAN GOVERNMENT WAS OBLIGED TO GRANT A SPECIAL STATUS TO DONBASS UNDER THE MINSK AGREEMENTS, and Putin rightly demanded this. Everything is right.READ the MINSK AGREEMENTS and answer my questions. I hope you’re a smart person — it’s not hard to figure it out. This is a monstrous lie at the level of the heads of European states and the United States. In a criminal conspiracy, they deliberately dragged their time to bomb Donbass and arm Ukraine. It’s criminal. CHECK IT OUT. ……. So your words about Putin being a Nazi, I strongly recommend you to take back. ………. About the rogue country. I wonder who the outcast is. Do you mean to say that Canada, the USA, half of Europe, Australia and Japan are the whole world ???? … Seriously???? …… I recommend taking a map of the world ….. this is only 20% of the whole world. So, who is an outcast is a VERY CONTROVERSIAL issue. This is another illusion imposed on you by your media. You are really brainwashed. It is you who are being dragged by your media to the wrong side of history. The whole truth is in Russia. And it is the United States that is destroying peace and security in Europe. It was the United States that staged a coup in Ukraine. It was the United States that revived real Nazism in Ukraine. Only two countries in the world have been blocking the prohibition of Nazism in the UN for several years – the USA and Ukraine. CHECK IT OUT. Don’t you think it’s strange that the USA and Ukraine are blocking the prohibition of Nazism, and you call Putin a Nazi???? You didn’t accidentally mix anything up there. Or maybe Putin bombed Serbia and Belgrade with carpet bombing in the center of Europe in 1999. No, it was the USA and NATO. Now you answer yourself the question: WHO IS REALLY the AGGRESSOR ….. The United States always accuses Russia of what the United States is doing, not Russia. THIS IS THE ROOT OF GLOBAL DECEPTION. THIS IS A BIG EMPIRE OF LIES. ……….. I am waiting for proof from you, if you certainly find them ……. by the way, you will soon learn a lot more about what 30 American biological laboratories were doing on the territory of Ukraine. They had DIPLOMATIC STATUS and were inaccessible to control. And now there are a lot of interesting facts about the activities of these laboratories. Russia has a lot of interesting documents and evidence. Soon, all this will be made public. Then you will see who the axis of evil REALLY is. Masks will now be torn off mercilessly. ……… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTF3o-z9oCc&ab_channel=InThrustwetrust. …… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoYSiucxTvg

    1. The USA has broken all the treaties they have signed. Tell that to Indigenous people here in the USA.

    2. @Angelum Band Trump broke most of them and the ones you’re referring to are 300 years old and are looked on today with regret in almost every circle. Nice bit of ‘whataboutism’ there.

    3. 1 information for you.
      Interesting finds of the military operation.
      1) During the hostilities in Mariupol (Ukraine), Russian troops captured the command post of the Ukrainian Nazi terrorist battalion “AZOV”, they found a laptop “NATO” in non-deleted information, correspondence of the Ukrainian military with the leadership of “NATO” was found. The curator from the United States instructed that the Ukrainian military would not, under any pretext, release the civilian population from the territory of Mariupol, they were also ordered to keep foreign citizens (mostly students) in mined buildings, and they would be blown up at the moment when the Russian military entered the area of ​​Mariupol, which is now under the control of the Ukrainian Nazi battalion “AZOV”. So those whose relatives are now there, I feel very sorry for you, NATO leaders decided to sacrifice your relatives for the good of democracy.
      Even in this laptop there were instructions to disrupt humanitarian corridors in Mariupol. As well as guidance for the Ukrainian military in other territories, so that they would take positions in schools and kindergartens, and place military equipment near residential buildings and, if possible, conduct shelling from artillery, placing it near residential buildings. To increase the condemnation of the Russian military operation, when the Russian military will shoot back and hit these houses.
      I wonder what information will be found when recovering a hard drive from this laptop.
      2) During the Russian military operation, biolaboratories controlled by the United States in Kharkov (Ukraine) were seized, service records were found there, it turns out that the United States conducted experiments on the population of Ukraine, mainly school-age children and newborns, data were found that bioweapons based on tuberculosis were being developed there, in other US biolaboratories located on the territory of Ukraine, bioweapons based on plague and anthrax are being developed, there is also correspondence between the leadership of these laboratories and the leadership of the World Health Organization, WHO. It talks about the disappointing results of an experiment with a virus that began its journey in 2019. It was planned that this virus, which from bats was supposed to be more effective. But now it is being improved in a laboratory in the United States and will be tested in India. 2022-2023. In the correspondence it is indicated that there are too many of them and it is not a pity if the result is more successful than the current versions.

  4. War sucks. My heart goes out to all the families who are going through this 💔 I will keep all of you in my prayers 🙏 This is unacceptable, and this war needs to stop immediately.

    1. @Dangerous Mind New troll account – must be running out of decent trolls, just the nutjobs left , but I suppose that all the closet homosexual putin can get now.

    2. @ThunderAppeal obviously not listening to Putins propaganda – how is it that no a SINGLE other country inthe world reported it? Just Putin – most russian media never reported it – almost as if its made up bullshit.
      Funny how Putin has closed most (if not all russian media), while the rest of the world is reporting the same thing.

      Don’t you find it odd, at least, that putin is ordering the bombardment, not of the “neo-nazi” troops, but the people that he is “rescuing”, and the fact that the civilians are running west not east.

  5. When it was said that most victims at morgue were the elderly who survived during the Soviet Union but not this time, that was so hard to take in. May they find peace and rest easy now, not anymore feeling the cruelty of war in this world.

    And the man crying in the end, he even told his friends what was happening. That’s why I don’t feel anything for the RUS even if there area few who are against the war becuase the vast majority there believes in their leader and in their state media. Cannot be even considered humans. They don’t deserve anything good in this world.

    We stand with Ukraine. Slava, Ukraine.

    1. most of the dead in covid time were elderly refused treatment for cold and flu by the CDC RULES how stupid are you.

    2. 100% agree. I finally see someone who understands whats russia doing. God save Ukraine, Slava Ukraini.

  6. my heart is aching with pain and sorrow watching this, lost for words! may god protect you my dear ukrainian friends😔🇺🇦

  7. My heart breaks for all those that are suffering. I am so sorry this is happening but know that we are with you!

    1. The Ukrainian military wants to blow up a nuclear reactor in Kharkiv at the Institute of Physics. Then blame Russia for everything. Disaster in the region.

  8. I’m a nurse in the U.S. and I have nothing but respect for the first responders and doctors who are working non stop to save lives. First the pandemic and now this invasion of your country. The world is with Ukraine and those who commit these crimes against humanity will pay.

    1. @Konstantin Pobedonoscev you are not on your land!!! What are yoi talk about? You were brainwashed by Putin. Putin starts wars…Chechnya, Georgia, Syria…selling weapons to Azerbaijan to kill Armenians and so on…stop Russian lies.

    1. You can’t deny two things from life: Death and TOYOTA’S Reliability 💯😎 -Scotty Kilmer

    2. I want all war lovers to know that you will fail. There are too many young bodies broken for the republican investors.

  9. My heart breaks for the people and animals of this country.
    War is never the answer, not in the 21st century, its barbaric

    1. @Matias D.C What are you talking about, they report on the deaths of soldiers, why do you want to see dead soldiers explain yourself, you almost sound disappointed where exactly are you from anyway?

    2. @Bongumusa Duma you would like to think the world has evolved and learnt lessons from countless wars from 2000 years of experience. Communism is evil.

  10. I can feel their pain, but can’t begin to imagine what it’s like being there. All my love and prayers go out to Ukraine 🇺🇦

  11. I’m Indian, was studying in Ukraine and was stuck in war. Somehow got back home and it was my scariest experience in life. I hope God helps the citizens on both side , who are affected bcz of few politicians and their greed.

  12. Thank you to CNN reporters for your bravery in being there, staying and showing the world what is happening. 🙏🇺🇦🙏

  13. I am here in America sitting in my car watching this (on my break from work) and I am hearing people laughing and shopping and going on with daily life. As I watch this my heart is breaking knowing the horror these poor people are dealing with as we go on with life.

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