Fighting Virus Isn't A Partisan Issue, Says Secretary Of State Blinken 1

Fighting Virus Isn’t A Partisan Issue, Says Secretary Of State Blinken

Secretary of State Antony Blinken discusses an upcoming trip to India as part of a global vaccine effort. Secretary Blinken also discusses why fighting the virus at home isn't a partisan issue, and he discusses new sanctions against Cuba.

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Fighting Virus Isn't A Partisan Issue, Says Secretary Of State Blinken


    1. @dan dansen *Darwin Awards* on display*/ PARADE. … “Rt.W.A.uthoritarians,”
      (SEE: research) exactly the kind who Refused 2 wear masks in Food stores, even under State ORDER! +
      Formerly Blue, Anti-vaXers, even.

    2. @dan dansen why is anybody relying on any Media for the truth? How about looking at the data directly from VAERS, the vaccine reporting system. Reporting thousands of deaths and serious injuries. Why isn’t the media reporting this info? Don’t use fact checker the media owns them. Go directly to the CDC. Quit listening to any media for your facts

    3. I do not understand why people believe everything they hear on the News. They have always sensationalized every story. Also, learn who owns the conglomerate of monopolies. They are all owned by BlackRock Stakeholders, that control almost every Company, CEO in the world, for almost every industry. I’m not talking about Stockholders, I’m talking about Stakeholders. They control every CEO. They are the papa, creating monopolies in mass, which they control.. Google who owns Fact checker, Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Twitter, FB, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, all the media, Pepsi, Coca Cola, she’ll, BP, Big Banks, Master Card, Visa,Airlines, Travel Booking Companies, Big Pharma. On and on.(Blackrock, and Vanguard own and control it all). Pure corruption. This gives them the power to control all Governments.

  1. People have made this political!! They are unable or unwilling to look at where they get their info! And these are the same people who say they don’t understand addictions!!!!?

    1. Some countries have worked hard to control covid, and sacrificed our financial well-being; we’re not going to be happy when the Delta attacks our children, because the US is unable to control the disinformation that is helping to fuel the pandemic. Unvaccinated people should not have gone to the Olympics with such a low rate vaccinated in Japan.

    2. Exactly. The sooner they get out of the gene pool. The sooner we can address the existential threats we face.

    3. @Cookie Cutter we need to vaccinate everyone, including children soon after birth. This is the only way to put an end to this superspreader nightmare!

  2. God Bless India, they were out of the woods and their setback was HORRIFIC. America is destined to be in the same boat if we dont shape up.

  3. Remember back when they said old people would be happy to die for their country so the economy could open? Yet they won’t wear a mask or get the vaccination.

    1. I agree. We need to do everything possible to get our elders vaccinated and safe, please be responsible and let’s all get our vaccines up to date!

    1. We have a competent Secretary of State and not an incompetent one. “Cough” “cough” and “cough” Pompeo.

    1. Why is he Biden administration hiding the number of breakthrough cases from the American people?

  4. Mika, I have been thinking of my Dad and yours and all those like them ,who served and sacrificed for this country. I wonder everyday how to explain how we “lost the line”. We have to fix this!

  5. I really don’t like to see my fellow Americans dying for something that they could have stopped! Very,very sad!!

  6. Was it a super spreader event when the Texas Democrats fled the state and 6 members of Congress contacted Covid?

  7. The government, ought to provide the vaccines that 74 million “smart” Americans who has stated under no circumstances they will talked because God is protecting their health to all those unvaccinated in the world hopping to be vaccinated.

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