Government shutdown draws near as Senate blocks federal spending bill | USA TODAY 1

Government shutdown draws near as Senate blocks federal spending bill | USA TODAY


Government shutdown looms after Senate Republicans block a federal spending bill over the debt ceiling. A shutdown would begin Oct. 1.


The Senate voted 48-50 to begin debate on the measure the House already passed, which wasn't enough to overcome a Republican filibuster. The bill would have extended government funding to Dec. 3 and suspended the debt limit until Dec. 16, 2022. The measure also would have provided $28.6 billion for disaster assistance and $6.3 billion for Afghan refugees.

But 60 votes were needed to overcome a Republican filibuster.

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    1. @hint0122 just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean you need to berate everyone. Obviously, Ms Pelocy has bounced around elected offices like every other politician. This isn’t like Israel where they elected the same guy Prime Minister 5 times in a row.

    2. @hint0122 that’s completely unrelated to term limits and has been debunked separately. Again, her decades long career has been running for bigger offices once term limits approach for her current office. That’s standard, and arguing that should be changed is fair enough, but until the day it’s criminalized people will keep doing it.

  1. Considering the damage the government is doing to the country as they pursue their own personal wealth maybe shutting down is just what the country needs

    1. @Matthew Hart earning it is one thing … lining your pockets with taxpayers dollars is a slightly different story … same with getting your children lucrative jobs because of your position with the government and taking your percentage

  2. I love how when the government cant reach an agreement, they shut down. It’s like a paid vacation for being a brat.

    1. It has happened before. All of the “essential” services are not shut down. The mail still gets delivered, all the social security (and welfare) payments go out…

    1. Every elected government official has forgotten that they are just that, ‘public servants “ We The People are their masters!
      Shut it down. Been an @clusterfuck from day one.

  3. Get to decide to do their jobs when they want to,they get to decide to be investigated or not when they break the law,must be nice.

    1. The Elite get a different kind of justice even when there’s damming evidence to put anyone else away. Just look at what crimes crooked Hilary’s lawyer got away with or how the crack smoking Hunter Biden got away with the Burisma deal and Biden and his admin are destroying this country. It’s as if they are purposely ruining America and preparing it for a takeover.
      They are selling us out to the highest bidder!!!
      Support our Troops, Back the Blue and God bless America

  4. Too bad everyone just stopped shopping and buying anything when they shutdown see how fast they get back to work. They need us more then we need them.

    1. @Homer Thompson When Trump was President: “We the People want stimulus money! We cant pay rent in our democrat states!”
      Biden’s campaign: “Dont worry, we will take care of you. The scary COVID wont hurt you anymore, nor the rich CEOs who have been profiting from our created stay-at-home scheme.”

      What do you think was going to happen dumbass?

    2. Economists study taxing rich & at a point u tax to munch they end up paying less so to just keep raising rich tax like money grows on trees & u want handout instead of USA making money is not the answer. To help USA needs to make money in trade & not wast money in big wasteful GOV & that is not imaginary printing money.

    3. @Zmile LOL the Laffer Curve. LOL taxcuts for the rich always promised to pay for themselves and instead always just blowing a hole in the deficit for nothing.


  6. Does anyone even work in that building? Other than push paper and point fingers, what do they do? And why the hell so many days off?

  7. While I don’t have all of the details, I grew up believing in a balanced budget. My parents taught me, never spend more money than you have. Not in totality, but I am convinced that the fed has more of a spending problem, and we need to cut certain nonessential items.

    1. @Guillermo Llamas Then we the people will hire you. Like we did years and years ago. I think they called it neighborhood watch or something. People will hire you and pay you even more then you are getting paid now to protect them, their friends, and their fellow citizens.

    2. @Guillermo Llamas They’re going to give you backpay, which honestly, is the worst part. You should probably get a private sector job.

    3. @Guillermo Llamas Like they’ll close down the government, you’ll get to take a vacation, maybe not get a paycheck or two, and then they’ll pass something to give you back pay. Free vacation for you I guess. Mean while the tax payers are getting fucked. Seriously, go work in private sector.

  8. USA Today had a different report when Republicans held the majority and Democrats wouldn’t agree to a budget. Totally biased reporting, it is sickening.

  9. The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: “the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left”.

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