1. Tiny said he could walk down 5th ave and shot someone and his party would not care! He sent his followers and his party did not care! Such a sick day in America!

    1. @Only one
      Sounds impressive. Get the Trumpian tent revivals going to continue the manipulation and grooming process. If he doesn’t win, we’ll know it was all rigged, right?

  2. Great job House Managers!! The QOP “”CHICKEN HAWKS”” lived up to their Name as always!! The real trials start Now!! I’m getting my Popcorn as the Attorney Generals of New York and Atlanta can now begin!!

    1. @Prod Theta its so sad too i would actually support your content but i can see you’re part of that red vs blue political B.S that is tearing this country apart enjoy your mediocre life

    1. @Gina Provenecci I wish I could afford to do it. The US is a laughing stock of the world. But know this: You will have to pay thousands of dollars to renounce your citizenship. THAT is fucked up. I should be able to just put my passport in the mail and send it back to the State Department certified mail saying: I am done. But nooOOOOooo, give us like $4,000 per person to leave our country. Utter BS, even on the way out.

    2. @Gina Provenecci It is going on everywhere in the world. Actually the Dictators in other countries have made life miserable for their people. Putin, Netanyahu, MBS, Bashar Alasad, Haitian government. All of them stay in office too long. Way past their terms. We all are turning into that with Congress and Senate and eventually with our Presidents. Trump and his gang want to takeover like a kingship. It’s crazy.


    1. @Jason B its fascinating0 watching seditous traitors rant about their king who lost a lawful election and tried overthrow our duly elected government

    2. @Jey Frye
      Ask trump where the missing BILLIONS are from the first stimulus, the payback for him getting through the first impeachment.

  3. We all knew the trial would end up this way – Republicons are responsible for this stain on America’s history. Let’s do the courts do their job: in a criminal investigation.

    1. @Bulleit up your azz He’s still impeached twice. The repubs continue to weaken under his bigly arse while the dems grow stronger

  4. McConnell is also the one who created that “technicality” by not scheduling the trial while he was still in office, yet back peddles to save face (after voting to acquit). He talk out both sides of his mouth ALWAYS!!

    1. iam sure the turtle crawls into his shell at night and sleeps like a baby…another great days work for the two faced creep…

    2. You’re so right. And following the constitutionality vote, which was settled on Day 1, his job was to vote to convict based on the actions of the orange man. So pathetic 🙄

  5. The fact that these guys could argue that you’re free from impeachment when you’re out of office just shows how dumb they think their voters are…

  6. A.bunch of Pete Rose’s in the Republican Party. Instead of throwing out a game for gain, they’re throwing out our democracy for a grifter.

    1. @UCOiB8UG445X2dB9I3c04nfg The Democrats are a pathetic bunch of babies obsessed with our glorious leader President Donald J Trump. The pathetic Democrats have now paved the way for Republicans to impeach Obama. 👍🏾🇺🇸

    1. @Kendrick Cunningham – The difference is had the witnesses actually questioned on live TV, many more Americans would know what will now be buried in forever in obscure records somewhere. Examination of the witnesses would have been broadcasted live and recorded all over the place and commented on for days. This was their way of making the story go away. The public will hear little more about this. Nothing would have riveted attention like witnesses on the stand. The difference is between seeing someone give a speech or just reading it. Yawn.

  7. They had no intention of convicting him as long as the republicans have the numbers in the senate, so there are 45 republican senators or more that should loose their seats!

    1. Oh, i bet the American people that have been watching Trump’s Second Impeachment trial will be demanding justice for the removal of the Republican senators.

  8. So if this impeachment was a constitutional issue, can they now try it criminally? Fair enough, no?

    1. @James Barlow I’m not sure that the fifth amendment holds for all types of cases at all times. I want to watch trump trip, stumble and fall flat on his face

  9. It’s like if the jury for O.J. said: “you convinced us that he did it, but he’s not married to her anymore, so he can’t be convicted. Sorry.”
    The republicans are all evil traitors, and McConnell is the snake that leads them.

  10. These guys have nothing to answer for. They did their job and confirmed that Trump was guilty. Well done 👍

    1. Except they showed evidence that “Fight like hell. ..be peaceful…or you won’t have….in a peaceful way…a country anymore…”

      Eric Swallwell Vocab test:
      1) 🐎
      2) ⛪
      3) 🍌 🇨🇳 🕵️‍♀️

    2. Oh really they were massacred by Trump’s lawyer. Why did you voted for these people. In a court of law fabricating evidences and lying is a no no.

  11. This acquittal is slap-in-the-face to all the people that lost their lives (And their Families) and a slap-in-the-face to people that their life that were in danger during the Insurrection of Jan. 6th!!!

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