Month: September 2013

Re: Debate on presidential nominee unnecessary, says PM Skerrit

ROSEAU VALLEY September 26, 2013

Mr. Skerrit, you are wrong. You may be able to fool those Dominicans who are suffering from “blind political loyalty to the DLP” or “political tribalism” according to your advisor Hartley Henry but not all right thinking Dominicans will be fooled.
Sir, whereas the debate over your nominees for president, including those who were DISCARDED and the one to be DISCARDED is indeed unnecessary and should never have been occurred, it has become necessary in light of your repeated disrespect for our constitution and the people of Dominica.
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Hi all:
“Tell me if Charles Savarin fits the following personality requirements:

The personality of the Head of State can be viewed from two main angles, the political arena and the public viewpoint.

In the former instance the President must be non-partisan with a special endowment to be objective in coming to a resolution on any matter. He should be able to effect consensus between political parties when no one else can. He is a symbol of national unity.

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Hon. Skerrit Detained, Humiliated By Belize Coast Guard

As we told you last week, the Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit came to Belize for the Independence Festivities as a guest of honour. He told us he got a personal invite of Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

On Saturday, after speaking graciously at the Independence Day Official Ceremonies, Skerrit was taken to San Pedro for a stay at Victoria House. In the afternoon, he was taken by boat to see the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley, escorted by a representative of the Tourism Board, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a police escort from Special Branch and his own security. The group was supposed to have been trailed by the Coast Guard for security purposes, which is standard for VIP’s – but the coast Guard vessel didn’t show up on time – so the trip went ahead without them.

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